NUEVOS ARRIBOS ABRIL - 2024 a.f. (aún disponibles...)

:: CD ::

(DOLCH) (Ale) - "Feuer" (DIGIPACK)
ACHERONTAS (Gre) - "Vamachara" (DIGIPACK)
ACHERONTAS (Gre) / NIGHTBRINGER (Usa) - "The Ruins of Edom" (DIGIPACK)
ACHERONTAS (Gre) - "Faustian Ethos" (DIGIPACK)
ACHERONTAS (Gre) - "Psychic Death - The Shattering of Perceptions" (DIGIPACK)
AMON AMARTH (Sue) - "Once Sent from the Golden Hall" (CD)
AMON AMARTH (Sue) - "The Avenger" (CD)
AOSOTH (Fra) - "Ashes of Angels" (DIGIPACK)
ASPHYX (Hol) - "Crush the Cenotaph" (CD)
AZARATH (Pol) - "Infernal Blasting" (CD)
BLACK SABBATH (Ingl) - "Paranoid" (DIGIPACK)
BORKNAGAR (Nor) - "Winter Thrice" (CD)
DARK FURY (Pol) - "W.A.R." (CD)
DARKTHRONE (Nor) - "A Blaze in the Northern Sky" (CD)
DARKTHRONE (Nor) - "Under a Funeral Moon" (CD)
DARKTHRONE (Nor) - "Transilvanian Hunger" (CD)
DARKTHRONE (Nor) - "Panzerfaust" (CD)
DEINONYCHUS (Hol) - "The Weeping of a Thousand Years" (A5 DIGIPACK)
DESTRÖYER 666 (Aust) - "Unchain the Wolves" (DIGIPACK)
DISSECTION (Sue) - "The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief)" (DIGIPACK)
ELITE (Nor) - "Kampen" (CD)
ENEVELDE (Nor) - "En Gildere Doed" (DIGIPACK)
FOREFATHER (Ingl) - "Ours Is The Kingdom" (CD)
FORGOTTEN TOMB (Ita) - "Songs to Leave" (DIGIPACK)
GENOCIDE (Ale) - "Apocalyptic Visions" (CD)
HETROERTZEN (Chl) - "Exaltation of Wisdom" (CD)
HYPOTHERMIA (Sue) - "Svartknost" (CD)
INFERNAL WAR (Pol) - "Redesekration: The Gospel of Hatred and Apotheosis of Genocide" (CD)
INFERNAL WAR (Pol) - "Axiom" (CD)
INFERNO (Rep. CZ) - "Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness" (DIGIPACK)
INQUISITION (Col) - "Black Mass for a Mass Grave" (CD)
INQUISITION (Col) - "Black Mass for a Mass Grave" (DIGIPACK)
INQUISITION (Col) - "Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence" (CD)
INQUISITION (Col) - "Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence" (BOX)
IRON MAIDEN (Ingl) - "The Number of the Beast" (DIGIPACK)
KAMPFAR (Nor) - "Norse" (DIGIBOOK)
KAOSRITUAL (Nor) - "Svoept Morgenroed / Rituell Katarsis" (DIGIPACK)
KATATONIA (Sue) - "Dance of December Souls" (CD)
KRIEG (Usa) - "Rise of the Imperial Hordes" (DIGIBOOK)
KRINGA (Ast) - "Feast Upon The Gleam" (CD)
KWADE DROES (Hol) - "Onder De Toren" (DIGIPACK)
MARDUK (Sue) - "Nightwing" (CD)
METALLICA (Usa) - "Kill 'Em All" (DIGIPACK)
METALLICA (Usa) - "Ride the Lightning" (DIGIPACK)
METALLICA (Usa) - "Master of Puppets" (DIGIPACK)
METALLICA (Usa) - "...And Justice for All" (DIGIPACK)
METALLICA (Usa) - "Metallica (The Black Album)" (DIGIPACK)
MISþYRMING (Isl) - "Söngvar Elds og Óreiðu" (DIGIPACK)
MISþYRMING (Isl) - "Algleymi" (DIGIPACK)
MOTÖRHEAD (Ingl) - "On Parole" (CD)
MY DYING BRIDE (Ingl) - "Turn Loose The Swans" (CD)
NARVIK (Ale) - "Thoughtless Light" (DIGIPACK)
NECROPHOBIC (Sue) - "Satanic Blasphemies" (SLIPCASE CD)
NIGHTBRINGER (Usa) / ACHERONTAS (Gre) - "The Ruins of Edom" (DIGIPACK)
PAGAN REIGN (Rus) - "Ancient Fortress" (CD)
ROOT (Rep. CZ) - "Heritage of Satan" (SLIPCASE CD)
SEPULTURA (Bra) - "Morbid Visions + Bestial Devastation" (CD)
SEPULTURA (Bra) - "Schizophrenia" (CD)
SEPULTURA (Bra) - "Beneath the Remains" (CD)
SHINING (Sue) - "VII: Fodd Forlorare" (DIGIPACK)
SINMARA (Isl) - "Aphotic Womb" (DIGIPACK)
SVARTIDAUĐI (Isl) - "The Synthesis of Whore And Beast" (DIGIPACK)
THE DEVIL´S BLOOD (Hol) - "The Thousandfold Epicentre" (DIGIPACK)
THERIOMORPH (Fin) - "Diabolical Bloodswords" (CD)
TULUS (Nor) - "Old Old Death" (CD)
UNCLEAN (Rep. CZ) - "Ten, Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu" (DIGIBOOK)
URFAUST (Hol) - "Der Freiwillige Bettler" (DIGIPACK)
URFAUST (Hol) - "Ritual Music For the True Clochard" (DIGIPACK)
URFAUST (Hol) - "Empty Space Meditations" (DIGIPACK)
URFAUST (Hol) - "The Constellatory Practice" (DIGIPACK)
URFAUST (Hol) - "Untergang" (DIGIPACK)
VI (Fra) - "De Praestigiis Angelorum" (CD)
VINTERSORG (Sue) - "Till Fjälls Del II" (2CD DIGIPACK)
WARHAMMER (Ale) - "The Winter Of Our Discontent" (DIGIBOOK)
WEDRUJACY WIATR (Pol) - "O Turniach, Jeziorach i Nocnych Szlakach" (DIGIPACK)
WHOREDOM RIFE (Nor) - "Nid - Hymner av hat" (DIGIPACK)
WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS (Usa) - "Black Sun Shall Rise" (CD)
ZARATUS (Gre) - "In The Days of Whore" (DIGIPACK)



ACHERONTAS (Gre) - "Faustian Ethos" (12" Gatefold LP)
BATHORY (Sue) - "Bathory" (12" LP)
BATHORY (Sue) - "The Return......" (12" LP)
BATHORY (Sue) - "Hammerheart" (12" DOBLE LP)
BATHORY (Sue) - "Twilight Of The Gods" (12" DOBLE LP)
BELIAL (Fin) - "Gods of the Pit Pt. II (Paragon So Below)" (12" LP)
CELESTIAL BLOODSHED (Nor) - "Cursed, Scared And Forever Possessed" (12" Gatefold LP)
DARKTHRONE (Nor) - "Soulside Journey" (12" LP)
EMPEROR (Nor) - "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" (12" Gatefold LP **FOTODISCO**)
EMPEROR (Nor) - "IX Equilibrium" (12" Gatefold LP)
GOATPENIS (Bra) - "Decapitation Philosophy" (12" LP)
HAXANDRAOK (Gre) - "KI SI KIL UD DA KAR RA" (12" Gatefold LP)
INQUISITION (Col) - "Black Mass for a Mass Grave" (12" Gatefold DOBLE LP)
INQUISITION (Col) - "Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence" (12" Gatefold LP **CLEAR**)
INQUISITION (Col) - "Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence" (WOODEN BOX)
KAOSRITUAL (Nor) - "Rituell Katarsis" (12" LP)
KAOSRITUAL (Nor) - "Vondtoner & Dommedagsprofetier" (BOXSET)
MISþYRMING (Isl) / SINMARA (Isl) - "Split" (12" LP)
SARGEIST (Fin) - "Tyranny Returns" (12" LP)
SINMARA (Isl) / MISþYRMING (Isl) - "Split" (12" LP)
SLAYER (Usa) - "Show No Mercy (40th Anniversary Edition)" (12" LP SPECIAL EDITION)
SULPHUR AEON (Ale) - "Seven Crowns and Seven Seals" (12" Gatefold LP)
SUMMONING (Ast) - "Stronghold" (12" Gatefold DOBLE LP)
TAAKE (Nor) / WHOREDOM RIFE (Nor) - "Pakt" (10" MLP)
TARTAROS (Nor) - "The Heritage From the Past" (10" MLP)
URFAUST (Hol) - "Apparitions" (12" LP)
URFAUST (Hol) - "Voodoo Dust" (12" LP)
URFAUST (Hol) - "The Constellatory Practice" (12" LP + CD)
URFAUST (Hol) - "Teufelsgeist" (12" LP)
WALLACHIA (Nor) - "From Behind The Light" (12" Gatefold LP)
WHOREDOM RIFE (Nor) - "Dommedagskvad" (12" Gatefold LP)
WHOREDOM RIFE (Nor) / TAAKE (Nor) - "Pakt" (10" MLP)
ZYKLON (Nor) - "World Ov Worms " (12" Gatefold LP)


:: T-SHIRTS ::

ABYSSIC (Nor) - "Brought Forth" (TSHIRT M)
SECRETS OF THE MOON (Ale) - "Into The Temple of The Night" (TSHIRT XXL)